Unlock the layers of legacy and luxury for the generations to come
Preserve, conserve your family, company and organization’s legacy and put it to work

Sustainable & Innovative Engagements with
Heritage & Legacy Spaces

Heritage is a delicate component in the Indian tourism industry, which encompasses both private legacy heritage and public attractions in heritage. In our years of experience, working around the nuances of both tangible and in-tangible heritage we have built substantial capabilities to introduce new products and line extensions based on your interest. We bring empowered resources to implement legacy showcase experiences and programs for productive outcome.

  • Themes
  • Sentiments
  • Authenticity
  • Development

Multicultural Engagement, Immersion
& Adaption

Our core expertise is in creating and leading ideas to engage people at the given heritage project of the chosen destination. Our experience in the field with major names of the heritage and legacy businesses helps us optimise the potential in a site. By utilising our extensive skills base we aim to assist in bringing heritage buildings back into productive use by retaining their historic values. We rework on your assets and create demand through visitor engagement within a short timeframe.

  • Employment
  • Visitation
  • Attractions
  • Mobility

Design & Development of the Brand Experience

Amalgamating the aspects of anecdotal and exquisite insights of the site for the best client interaction, especially with
exhibits, sightseeing & in-destination immersive activities

Strengthening Revenues for Legacy Keepers

We understand that legacies are to be carried forward by the generations to come. We ensure that owners receive their due recognition along with respectable revenues through a range of delicately crafted experiences by team of by ‘India Heritage Partners®’. The tourism experiences offered to visitors receive opportunities for revenue generation, strengthen expertise, and build connections and networks globally. Our work always contributes to sustainable development for The Living Legacies® and remains in tandem with the sentiments and consent of the principal stakeholders of the site, and of the community.

Traditional Wisdom, Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Healing

The world around is changing in a lightning speed, the new breed of travellers  is gradually becoming interested in understanding and appreciating the cultural roots from past. Precisely to target this audience, our experiences are co-created with the owners keeping preservation of intangible culture heritage in close conscious. The sensory and cultural experiences designed by ‘India Heritage Partners®’ team promotes social practices, rituals and festive events by organizing programs focused on bringing legacy insights in front of the world for a mutual appreciation and benefit. We enhance the role of cultural heritage in society and economy with responsible tourism practices.

Themes Ensuring Reliability, Validity & Objectivity

Our diverse offerings integrate the best legacy stories, destination showcase activities, local immersive moments, and ‘EQ Encounters®’ for the new world travellers. Different heritage sites and custodians bring forth diverse cultures, defined by their language, customs, specialities, characteristics, sense of style and way of life. These make them an endlessly fascinating place to travel. We combine the fascinating world legacy and heritage into a product for a unique experience targeted to travellers for a sustainable revenue generation. Heritage is a strong asset in this goal. We also suggest technologies to build market access and facilitate transactions that benefits all levels of society to widen the scope for business activities.

  • Appreciating Legacy
  • Ensuring Revenue
  • Creating Avenues
  • Engaging Spaces

  • Mitigating Skills
  • Empowering Locals
  • Creates new jobs
  • Social impact


As experienced heritage industry partners, we at India Heritage Partners® support legacy keepers with various heritage consulting tasks related to their asset from experience curation, capacity development to operation management. Precisely calculated within a defined timeframe, we deliver the best in your interest. The reasons to successfully scale up the heritage interaction and revenue generation is defined by the following parameters.

Areas of expertise

We at India Heritage Partners® work within the vast genre of heritage, with meticulous understanding of client expectation. We create innovative and compelling concepts that are aesthetically pleasing, appealing to audience and sensitive to sentiments. We celebrate India’s heritage by organising India Heritage Awards and appreciate locals and communities. Our work integrates intangible cultural heritage aims at protecting, conserving and respect for:

  • Performing and non-performing arts
  • Social practices, rituals and festive events
  • Knowledge and skills associated with traditional crafts and looms
  • Traditional mechanisms of expression through language and gestures
  • Knowledge and practices concerning environment, nature and traditional assets of wellbeing


Creating travelling
exhibits of local identities to
actively share their heritage

We at India Heritage Partners® manage audience through showcase of local traditions, customs, rituals, festivals, myths and legends, lifestyle, crafts and cuisine and create thematic tourism products.We empower sustainable, purpose-led curation of historical archives with Museum Maze® for your company’s /organization / individual’s future-visioning activities. This would be an exquisite showcase through both on-ground thematic experiences and engaging virtual applications. Our focus is on the inclusion of community engagement with the travellers to motivate them to visit the region whether physically or culturally, and recognising the value. We create and offer tourism and hospitality products tailored in scope and time with the calendar of local events – fairs, festivals, gathering etc.Our intent is to encourage more engagement and participation of travellers through ‘MUSEUM MAZE®’ and bring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the value of peoples and places.

Guidance for developing the cultural experiences
Create partnership for sustainable development
Enabling local communities to benefit from business

We consult with clients to realise the value of experiential tourism which brings huge benefits for the asset & linked communities. We create opportunities for you to protect your legacy in the contemporary times.

We contribute to wider social and economic aspects & develop a plan that aims to deliver a smooth business process and successful market launch. The cultural heritage assets are instrumental in enhancing experiences & shaping the identity of a territory.The consumers of contemporary times connect with something that has brand recognition. In these times when we have replicating businesses, the customer trust in commodities and brands is at all time low. To change the vicious cycle and put to use the distinctive Culture Display factors integrating urbanization profiles and tourism forces to deliver sustainable experiences for your inherited legacy.

Destinations, Businesses & Curated India® Experiences

We develop, manage, market legacy businesses and convert them into sustainable tourism destinations

Museums & Art Galleries

Theatres & Cinemas

Sports Facilities

Convention Centers

Night Clubs

Organized Events

Historical Street Events

Interesting Buildings

Ancient Monuments

Cultural Heritage Places

Local Customs & Costumes

Special Accommodation

What We do

At India Heritage Partners® we become your partner to establish connection between your asset’s history and today’s world, ensuring value driven service now and for future generations and to explore the notion of your legacy through community engagement. We will provide social cohesion, and on the economic side stimulate tourism development, creating jobs and enhancing the investment climate for the owners.

The heritage appreciation, research and content curation for cultural experiences will be managed by ‘India Heritage Partners®’ for all kinds of visitors while taking care of local communities, sensitive cultural ideologies and environment.

How do we pick projects

We integrate our services to appreciate human past and creating a revenue stream for your asset. We only take authentic and undisputed legacy stories and convert them into sustainable business models. As facilitators, we use varied media to redefine notions of performance art and community-based work. we gather knowledge and skills from source communities to demonstrate uniqueness of the place and with collective past of others offer programs which reflects the principles & objectives that we set out to achieve.

The next new travellers is seeking unique cultural experiences, and together we can develop, craft and mould tourism experiences based on legacy traditions to monetize your assets.

Get Involved

As today’s content curation rapidly finds its roots in the highly immersive world of travel, more and more people are sharing their personal experiences, influencing others on not only where to stay and what to do but also where to go in the first place.

We aim to benefit our clients more directly, by strengthening relationships within communities to foster local ownership, social accountability and shared responsibility, as well as investment in the local economy through Handpicked India®for sustainable growth.We ensure your success for generations to come and bring economic contributions through our intellectual property ‘a story to tell, a legacy to share®’.

Renewed & Refreshed To Generate Economic Activity

Increasing access, creating spaces and platforms

Concepts & Experiences

We bring together the local academics & knowledge bank, we aim to offer a world class heritage tour experience and provide all the necessary support for selling and operating travel related activities.City Explorers (pvt. ltd.) ‘CEPL®‘ is a transformative tourism company having several award-winning flagships to design and operate experiential services. The team has been a part of many legacy based projects and fosters local connections integrating incoming generations perspectives on research and storytelling. IHP instil value of built legacy through arts and culture activities.

Operations Planning

The strategies are interlinked, and support business to deliver outcomes. The outcomes are defined based on the overall objective of heritage asset for inclusive growth with positive contribution to society & economy. The niche products curated by ‘CEPL®‘ integrate generational subcultures in form of ‘Regal Routes‘ and ‘Handpicked India®‘ experiences to strengthen legacy mandates. India Heritage Partners ® brings fresh perspectives an restorative expertise appropriated through ancillary revenue lines.

Facilitators Training

We offer communities to access platforms and help them become enablers to activate the experiences. Our programs have a continuous process of development and our team works respectfully with locals. One such program VEDIKA (Visually Exchanging Destination Information Knowledge Action) supports multiple operations touch points and is strategically placed on built, operate, transfer model. Heritage and modernity can exist hand in hand if Culture Display interpretation highlights contexts of geography, place, people, and culture.

Business Marketing

By identifying communities perception towards the tourism development, we create synergies for the business to support vitality of heritage manage business propositions across India.The primary integration is with the aspirations of the legacy keepers through ‘CEPL®’ flagship India Heritage Partners® to enter the tourism business, relevant experience, and access to influential networks, planning business development strategies. We offer support in retailing with definite returns on investments.














Our expertise and first-hand know-how across heritage asset types can help you immediately improve
operating revenue & profit of your business, increasing the value of your investment.

  • Historical Sites & Complexes
  • Works of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Archaeological Sites & Reserves
  • Architectural Sites & Complexes
  • Ethnographic Sites & Workplaces
  • Industrial Heritage
  • Documental Heritage
  • Audio & Visual Heritage
  • Natural Values & Remains
  • Spoken Tradition & Language
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Music, Songs & Dances
  • Attractions & Public Parks
  • Customs, Rituals, Celebrations
  • Literary Values & Folk Crafts


  • Cultural values, diversity, and heritage
  • Mutual understanding, peace, and security
  • Social Inclusiveness, employment, and poverty reduction
  • Resource efficiency, environmental protection, & climate change
  • Strengthen social bonds, create a sense of place & improve the quality of an area


We actively promote responsible tourism and ensure improvement of local livelihoods by embracing a broad scope of development (social, economic, environmental and cultural). We create delight by deploying our team’s expertise to create impact through education and life-long learning. For visitors, we evaluate the current condition of the region and align workforce to enhance experiential delivery for an authentic experience integrated with participative learning.

Our concepts are elevated through the visual engagement with a creative combination of hospitality services as part of product development. We make your business and legacy asset innovative and take care of your people. At the same time, we rejuvenate short term strategies and leverage local resources to enhance consumption attitudes and open revenue streams through your legacy-based assets.

We have special consulting and management support models for designing meaningful experiences for hotels and hospitality units. Our program FAMILY LEGACY (LIVING) is operated to safeguard the values, traditions, customs and culture by weaving them into a renewal ecosystem of generating respect, relevance and revenue. Our team of experts acts like an extension to the legacy keepers and provide end to end services, par excellence. Our other program LEGACY HOTELS lists and manage properties specifically to generate sales by disseminating thematic narratives. We customised research for creating a growth trajectory integrated with trails, sessions and other essentials of success in the hospitality industry.

We support legacy businesses’ in local retailing with definite return on investments and incubate next incoming generation alongside involving local communities. We liaison on policy making and influence growth by creating intention to visit the destination.


  • Heritage Studies
  • Heritage Marketing
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Heritage Management
  • Social Media for Heritage
  • Conservation & Restoration
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Cultural Resources Management
  • Conservation Management Plans


  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Natural Sacred Sites
  • Museums & Gharanas
  • Private Heritage Sites
  • Breweries & Beverages
  • Heritage Event Planning
  • Movable Cultural Heritage
  • Handicrafts & Global Artisans
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage


  • Festive Events
  • Rites & Beliefs
  • Music & Song
  • Performing Arts
  • Literature Works
  • Culinary Traditions
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Oral Traditions & Languages
  • Documentary & Digital Heritage


Strategic experiential delivery in heritage, sustainability and tourist transformation



We empower understanding of the local culture and create life altering India exploration. India Heritage Partners® is led by passionate team of heritage experts and industry partners. We curate all types of experiences around a given space & enhance business opportunities for locals.

We offer your asset as creative tourism destination, and channelise proper marketing platform and activities to provide visitors with experiential memories.


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